Frequently asked questions and answers


Frequently asked questions and answers.

What is DIY Vacant Staging in a nutshell?

DIY vacant staging is a process where we create a design plan for you, select the furniture, and you make any modifications – thus giving you total control of the budget. You then arrange for delivery during a day and time most convenient for you and we are there to offer additional guidance if you need it.

Do you also offer occupied staging services?

Our focus is vacant staging assistance but we can also provide assistance with occupied.

Is this a remote service?

Yes, this is a remote service. With our process, we can help clients in several states.

What is the turnaround time for a design plan.

The turnaround time for a design plan is 24-48 hours.

When do I pay for the service?

We accept payment in full upon scheduling the consultation. This will cover the consultation, the design plan – furniture layout and selection.

Can I make changes to the furniture selections that you have made?

Yes, you sure can! That is what is so great about this process. If want to swap out items to save some money or even bring something from your home, you are free to do that, giving you total control of the staging budget. We provide you with a design plan that will make your job much easier.

Who arranges for delivery and pickup?

With this process, you are able to work with the rental company on a delivery and pickup date that works best for you. That gives you flexibility so that you are able to base it around your availability.

Do you include accessories in the design plan?

Yes, definitely. The company that we work with has a vast selection of beautiful accessories to enhance your staging project.

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with realtors, investors/flippers, home-owners selling their homes independently and builders.

Does it cost more to stage a luxury home.

Yes, because typically with luxury homes, more inventory is needed so additional time is required to create the design plan.