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DIY Vacant Staging is for YOU!

The Industry's First Complete DIY Vacant Home Staging System

There has been a consumer demand in our industry for many years for a service that would fill the gap between leaving homes vacant and paying top dollar for professional home staging. A new process has been introduced to the real estate industry and we are so very excited to earn your business and help you save money while achieving your desired vacant staging results!


Traditional vacant staging involves the stager being responsible for the entire process - from the initial design / layout, furniture selection, delivery, setup and destaging. With DIY vacant staging, we still take care of the design and selection but YOU are in control of the staging budget and the setup. That can be a significant saving for you!

We Design.

We determine the layout and furniture / accessory placement and make the selections so you do not have to be worried about it. You have enough on your plate. 🙂


We work with the delivery company regarding the delivery logistics.


You are free to make any changes to our furniture selection to save money. This gives you total control of the budget. Once furniture is delivered, you add the finishing touches and you are done!

Vacant Staging DIY Style

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